Sensorex Process pH Sensor


Process pH Sensor

Sensorex is the leading process  pH sensor manufacture in the world.  We have three type process pH sensor. General process pH sensor, S8000 process pH sensor and S600 process pH sensor

S8000 series modular process pH sensor : Our premium pH electrode solution that saves you time and money for all your pH meaurement needs. The S8000CD or S8075CD flat surface pH electrodes are based on a modular concept designed to save you time and money. Click here for more information

S8000CD pH Platform

S600 series process pH sensor : The S600 series of flat surface pH electrodes changed the way the world approached process pH measurements. Available in configurations for in-line, side stream, insertion, and submersion, these pH electrodes save time and money and provide users with real benefits. Click here for more information


General process pH sensor : These high quality general purpose pH electrodes will provide excellent performance at a price that offers superior value. They are provided with the cables fixed and hard-wired to the electrode or with our popular cartridge style connections (series S222).

General Purpose pH Electodes

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