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UVT-LED Sensor

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UV transmittance SensorPortableChannel Mount


Monitoring UV-Transmittance is an important part of UV system control. The Sensorex UVT-LED is the world’s smartest UV-T monitor and incorporates a UV-C LED light-source in place of a conventional mercury lamp. The LED operates at 254nm across a 1cm path length.

Why is measuring UVT Important?

  • Profile water before capital spend on UV system to ensure correct sizing.
  • Save money on power usage and UV system lamp replacement cycles by optimal system operation based on incoming water UVT measurements.
  • Ensure sustem is in compliance.

This ensures extremely stable readings in all conditions, over an extended lifetime. The process unit uses a single lamp and sensor, and our patented wiper auto cal system eliminating or minimizing drift seen in designs using multiple lamps and sensors. The process model can be installed directly into a pipe or open channel. 4-20mA communication allows integration into DAC, PLC or SCADA systems. With the smallest footprint in the industry, it is simple to install.

The handheld version it is ideal for field use. Battery powered, single button interface, no warm-up time required and lightweight construction; this unit features the LED high performance of the process model. With long lamp life, it’s the smartest solution for reliable UVT water testing.

Part Number Description

UVT-LED--H Handheld, Off-Line Transmittance Monitor w. battery
UVT0001 Carrying Case
UVT-LED-PW Process Transmittance Monitor (with wiper/auto cal.)
UVT0009 Installation Kit, Stainless Steel Pipe
UVT0008 Installation Kit, Mild Steel Pipe (2" NPT)
UVT0021 Installation Kit, PVC Pipe (2" NPT)
UVT0007 Installation Kit, Open Channel
UVT0015 Installation Kit, Sanitary Flow Cell (3”)